TradeLiner: A credit insurance solution for mid-market companies

Secure your cashflow and optimize your credit management with TradeLiner.

Safeguard your business activities with our comprehensive personalised services

TradeLiner secures your cash flow and optimises your credit management. How? By protecting you against unpaid invoices in South Africa and abroad whether due to bankruptcy or late payment. It’s an all-inclusive solution that meets the unique demands of medium to large companies.

  • Collection

    Thanks to our international network of experts, you can be sure that your receivables will be collected quickly and efficiently. This means you save time to grow your business while retaining the confidence of your customers.

  • Prevention

    Coface continuously assesses the financial situation of your customers and notifies you about any developments. You are given strategic information so you can negotiate suitable credit terms, select the right business partners and anticipate the risk of unpaid invoices in your account receivables.

  • Indemnification

    If your insured debts are not recovered, we compensate you for up to 90% of the loss – which protects your cash flow and secures your margins.

Why choose TradeLiner?

If you are a medium to large company that sells B2B with a turnover of over R40 million*, then TradeLiner is the right solution for your business. 

Key benefits:

  • Reduces your credit risks with improved management
  • Opens up new bank financing possibilities
  • Secures your profit margins
  • Collects your invoices - even abroad
  • Cuts your provisions for customer receivables management


*Amount negotiable based on your business requirements. 

Our bespoke services adapts to your needs

We’ve been helping large companies grow for over 75 years, meaning we understand your business needs and can offer you unrivalled service.

An account manager and dedicated expert risk underwriter are by your side for the duration of your policy.

An all-inclusive trade credit insurance solution that works best for you...

Every large company is different - which is why we tailor our offers to the specific requirements of your business and market

Better risk management with our innovative digital solutions

CofaNet Essentials

Manage your policy simply and easily from our secure CofaNet Essentials credit management platform:

- Access information about your trade partners

- Manage your client portfolio

- Manage your guarantee requests

- Report your outstanding invoices

- Keep track of your claims

Not in the office? CofaNet Essentials is available wherever and whenever you need it on the CofaMove mobile app. Ideal for your sales reps!

Coface API portal

Discover a game-changing asset for more efficient credit management. Coface API portal opens doors to seamless integration of Coface's powerful API solutions into your existing applications. 

- Elevate risk management, enhance credit decisions, and fortify financial strategies effortlessly. 

- Maximize efficiency, minimize risk: Coface API Portal is your strategic ally for a robust, data-driven approach to credit management. 

- Revolutionise your processes today for a more secure and prosperous financial future.

> Visit Coface API Portal

TradeLiner Brochures

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Credit Insurance - TradeLiner

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