EasyLiner: An all-inclusive online credit insurance for small businesses

Protect your small business from unpaid invoices with a clear, all-inclusive, flat-rate policy.

Protect your outstanding invoices with credit insurance for small businesses

100% online management

4 out of 10 very small businesses report that their company has been put at risk due to customer non-payment.

Directors and CFOs know that late payments and unpaid debts can have severe consequences, impacting on cash flow, productivity or growth prospects.


Get ahead with EasyLiner. Protect the accounts receivables of your small business with made-to-measure credit insurance so you can secure your B2B invoices domestically and overseas.

Easily protect your outstanding debts

EasyLiner: simplified SME credit insurance that protects your small business against unpaid invoices domestically and abroad. Find out more about our offer that guarantees the efficient management of the credit you grant to your customers.

  • Cover your invoices

    Check our opinion on your clients and prospects online. Obtain guarantees in a few clicks to cover your sales. Coface’s opinions are based on our worldwide network of risk experts with their local knowledge about your prospects or customers. They analyse the relevant financial data on companies, sectors and country risks on an ongoing basis so we can alert you to potential risks.

  • Collect your receivables

    Report unpaid guaranteed invoices online. Manage the collection of your receivables domestically and across the globe. Optimise your collection rates and maintain your trade relations backed up by our capable teams!

  • Indemnify your losses

    Protect your cash flow. Preserve your margins. Does the collection process take too long or fails to bring results? No problem! Coface indemnifies the loss by up to 90% of the invoice.

An all-inclusive policy that works for you!

EasyLiner credit insurance for small businesses: designed for and dedicated to companies with a turnover under R40 million.

Are you the director or financial manager of a small business whose daily life is hectic? Make your life easier with EasyLiner:

  • 100% online management
  • All-inclusive annual package 

With EasyLiner you control your budget and protect your business - with no surprises!

Expand your business with absolute confidence.

Manage your commercial development worry-free: take advantage of our credit opinions and real-time monitoring of your clients’ and prospects’ solvency. 

EasyLiner helps give you an even greater competitive edge since it fine-tunes the credit conditions granted to your customers.

Are you looking for new markets? EasyLiner protects your turnover while you explore business opportunities domestically and / or abroad.

Establish your business as a valued customer at your bank

Guarantee your invoices with EasyLiner and boost your trustworthiness with your financial partners.

Think about it... opting for a SME credit insurance policy that improves your terms for borrowing and helps you access overdraft facilities.

With EasyLiner, you can set up a delegation of guarantees free of charge and transfer payment of the indemnities of your policy directly to your bank.

Simple management of your policy on a day-to-day basis

Managing your policy is quick and easy on our online platform: 

  • Monitor and track the solvency of your clients: 
    Get our experts' opinion and guarantee about your customers online. If their situation deteriorates, the team at Coface will get in touch with you.
  • Online insurance claim: 
    Do you have unpaid debts? Once you report your claim, we launch the collection process immediately, whether it’s domestically or on the other side of the world.
  • Indemnification: 
    If the collection is not successful after a time-frame agreed in the policy, we will pay you a compensatory indemnity.

Do you have a question? Our experts are at your service and will help you manage your policy on a day-to-day basis.

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