Trade credit insurance: protect your company against bad debts

Avoid the risk of unpaid debts with trade credit insurance

Credit insurance solutions tailored to your business needs

No matter your size or market, every company operating domestically or exporting has to protect its B2B transactions against the risk of unpaid debts. Find out more about our flexible business credit insurance solutions tailored to suit your specific needs.

How does credit insurance work?

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1. Keeping you informed

We never stop analysing the environment of your customers (country, sector, etc.) together with their financial information (accounts and financial ratios) so we can direct you towards solvent companies and freeze out bad debtors.

This cuts down your unpaid debts and means your company works with the right partners.

How does credit insurance work?


2. Collecting your unpaid invoices

Our experts in South Africa and abroad take on the responsibility of collecting your unpaid invoices for you. This then keeps your relationship with your business partners intact.

3. Protecting your company

Coface indemnifies your guaranteed receivables irrespective of how the recovery process turns out.

What is credit insurance?

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Credit insurance allows companies to grant payment periods to their customers in South Africa and abroad with confidence.

Trade credit insurance protects your invoices against excessive late payment or – in the worst-case scenario – default by your customers.

Coface covers the credit risk and compensates for your loss by indemnifying you. A range of options are available so you can adjust your coverage to meet specific risks (such as political or manufacturing risks, litigation, etc.).

What is credit insurance?


We monitor your customers’ financial health, helping you make the right business decisions. And our business credit insurance means you have easier access to financing.

In short, when you insure your sales in South Africa and/or for export, you protect your cash flow and preserve your margins. You also optimise the management of your accounts receivable and safeguard your growth.

Why choose trade credit insurance?

Trade credit insurance provides 4 essential services so you can avoiding the risk of customer non-payment:

  • Safeguard your cash flow

    1 in 4 companies go out of business due to non-payment by its customers. Securing your business against unpaid invoices means shielding your cash flow and growing your turnover without any worries. Business credit insurance is the only tool that protects the economy against bankruptcy chains and the job losses that go with them.

  • Help your company grow

    Trade credit insurance helps you assess your risks and identify the customers and partners you can work with.

  • Make financing easier

    Credit insurance guarantees you have optimised cash flow so you can meet one-off needs. It’s a sign of confidence that reassures your financial partners, helping you obtain future financing.

  • Optimise the management of your receivables

    Business Credit insurance is a tool for managing your accounts receivables: you can identify reliable customers, and set realistic credit limits. In addition, you can improve your collection rate when you put your trade receivables in the hands of a reputable third party.

How much does credit insurance cost?

For small businesses and SMEs with a maximum turnover of R40 million, EasyLiner is an all-inclusive solution.

The premium is based on the volume of insurable business, the profile of your company – in particular its area of activity and history of claims – and your requirements (the type of coverage, specific options, etc.).

Grow your business with a risk management expert


200countries covered

685billion € exposure

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Innovative solutions for better risk management

Credit management platform

Our secure online platform means it’s easy to manage your policy from A to Z. With CofaNet Essentials, you:


• Access information about your business partners

• Manage your client portfolio

• Manage your guarantee requests

• Report your unpaid debts

• Keep track of your claims


CofaNet also performs debtor risk evaluations and offers export features with the potential for more in-depth research.


And with the CofaMove mobile app, you can access CofaNet Essentials wherever you are and whenever you want.

Coface Dashboard

Coface Dashboard is our business intelligence tool for GlobaLiner clients only that provides you with interactive reports to facilitate:

- Reporting and performance tracking

- Producing analyses ranging from macro trends to individual changes

- Identifying consolidated risks for groups of buyers

- Managing your programme, in particular by supporting your decisions, and customising the features of the tool and the risk transfer parameters

- The credit risk governance in your group

Coface API portal

Discover a game-changing asset for more efficient credit management.
Coface API portal opens doors to seamless integration of Coface's powerful API solutions into your existing applications. 

  • Elevate risk management, enhance credit decisions, and fortify financial strategies effortlessly. 

  • Maximize efficiency, minimize risk: Coface API Portal is your strategic ally for a robust, data-driven approach to credit management. 

  • Revolutionize your processes today for a more secure and prosperous financial future.


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What does failure really cost you?



The extra turnover needed to make up for loss

The simulation above shows the additional turnover that your company must achieve to compensate for the loss due to a non-payment.

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