Single Buyer: A custom solution for one buyer

Minimise risk for one customer only

Covering the risk with a single buyer on a revolving basis

  • Are you having trouble getting enough funding from your bank for a particular customer? 
  • Do you want to protect your biggest and most important customer, who makes up a large portion of your sales?

Coface can help by insuring you against losses if this customer doesn't pay. With our agreement, we provide insurance coverage for both economic and political risks.

Our "Single Buyer" plan is designed specifically for transactions with one customer that happens regularly. It's a custom solution to protect you from the risk of not getting paid. This plan is tailored to your needs and helps you minimise risks associated with relying heavily on one customer. It covers both commercial risks like insolvency and non-payment, as well as political risks.

Benefits of Single Buyer

  • Funding

    If banks cannot provide adequate funding for a specific buyer, Single Buyer solutions offer coverage to keep you protected.

  • Protect your assets

    Safeguards your assets by mitigating the risk of non-payment from customers with whom your business regularly relies on.

  • Debt Collection

    You can be sure that your outstanding payments will be recovered quickly and efficiently.

Better risk management with our innovative digital solutions

CofaNet Essentials

Manage your policy simply and easily from our secure CofaNet Essentials credit management platform:

- Access information about your trade partners

- Manage your client portfolio

- Manage your guarantee requests

- Report your outstanding invoices

- Keep track of your claims

Not in the office? CofaNet Essentials is available wherever and whenever you need it on the CofaMove mobile app. Ideal for your sales reps!

Credit Insurance - Single Buyer

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