Unveiling Coface South Africa’s new website: A leap into modernisation and responsibility

In a significant milestone for Coface South Africa, the launch of our new website marks a transformative moment.

In a significant milestone for Coface South Africa, the launch of our new website marks a transformative moment. After nearly a decade since our last major website overhaul, we are thrilled to introduce a platform that not only reflects our evolution but also anticipates the needs of our audience. Our objective was clear: to provide an unparalleled user experience while addressing crucial commercial, brand, regulatory, and modernisation imperatives.

Our new website not only embodies Coface's corporate identity through refreshed graphic elements and ergonomic design but also aims to forge deeper understanding and connections with our audience.

At the heart of our digital strategy lies a relentless pursuit of customer-centricity. Through the seamless integration of user journeys, we want to ensure that every interaction resonates with the needs and preferences of our clients. By reimagining product presentations and streamlining sales processes, we empower our customers to navigate our offerings with ease, fostering a culture of responsiveness and agility.

Central to this mission was our commitment to accessibility and inclusivity. We have catered to the diverse needs of our visitors, ensuring that every individual can access the resources they need. With a target of 70% accessibility compliance, we set a benchmark for web accessibility standards, reaffirming our dedication to serving all members of our community, regardless of ability.

As we push the boundaries of innovation and technological progress, we remain steadfast in our commitment to regulatory compliance and data privacy. In doing so, we demonstrate not only our commitment to responsible digital practices but also our dedication to earning and maintaining the trust of our customers.

"The launch of our new website signifies a pivotal moment in our journey, reflecting our commitment to customer-centricity and innovation. With a refreshed design and enhanced user experience, we're excited to offer our clients a seamless digital platform that aligns with their evolving needs. We invite you to embark on this journey with us to explore, engage, and experience this new website."

Anushka Vallabh, Marketing and Communications Manager SA